Launch the national program of NET-ZERO EMISSIONS BY 2050​.

Being the DEVELOPER – INVESTOR – OPERATOR of the Green Hydrogen value chain.

Promote the green industry​.

  • Choose the partners with the same goals and aspirations.
  • Vision combined with cooperation roadmap.
  • Leverage the strengths, and minimize the weaknesses of parties.
  • Transparency in cooperation.
  • Effective communication between parties.


Dedicate to the green hydrogen & ammonia strategy.

Research and development in energy transition and green hydrogen industry.

Optimization of renewable energy sources.

Promote global partnership, aim to the European, American and worldwide markets.


2025 2030
Wind Energy: 280 MW 728 MW
Solar energy: 250 MWAC 500 MWAC
Pumped storage hydropower:  200 MW 500 MW
Electrolyzer: 250MW 600 MW
Hydrogen production:  30,000 TPY 70,000 TPY